Specialised, expert help for healthcare practices like yours

Introducing our specialised team for the Healthcare sector

At Silver Cloud, we understand the particular needs of the Healthcare sector. We have over 250 medical and dental customers around Scotland and the UK, and our dedicated Healthcare team uses all of that experience to offer a precisely targeted service.

In particular, we help our healthcare clients to achieve three things:

1. A better experience for patients

No more engaged tones, less time on hold, getting through to the right person first time, being able to leave recorded messages with simple requests like repeat prescriptions. All this, and more, makes everything much quicker and more pleasant for patients.

2. Less pressure on the team

More efficient communications means more efficient working. People can spend more time on their most important responsibilities, and managers have the data they need to set the right working patterns.

 3. Lower costs

We know that every penny counts. Our solutions use budgets more effectively, and with a modern system you know you won’t be forced to replace it in a few years when the physical network changes.


What we can do for you

We start by understanding exactly how you work, how your patients contact you, and what you need your communications and IT to do. We then design a package that precisely meets those needs. Here are some of the features that many of our healthcare customers find particularly useful.

Call queuing:

No more engaged tones. All calls are connected and then placed in a queue until they can be answered. Callers can be told their position in the queue.

Auto attendant:

A recorded menu takes callers to the extension they need.

Call recording:

Helpful for training and quality control, and can be invaluable during disputes. With a cloud-based system, this feature is much cheaper and easier to use.

Disaster management:

Do you know what you would do if your telephone or IT systems stopped working? If not, you need a plan to recover data and get everything back up and running as quickly as possible. This can often be done from an app on a mobile.

Management information:

Generate reports that tell you, for example, how many calls you’re receiving at different times of the day, how long it takes you to answer them and how many are missed. This all helps managers to allocate resources more effectively.

Email missed call alert:

The system automatically sends you an email to let you know when you’ve missed a call.

 Remote changes:

Modern phone systems can often be re-programmed or fixed without an engineer having to visit your premises. That’s faster, cheaper and more convenient.

Automatic out-of-hours:

At a set time each day, your phones automatically switch over to night mode, and if anyone calls they hear your out-of-hours message.


What our customers say

“It’s a massive efficiency saving. And it has allowed us to change the way we work: to do tasks at regular times, such as checking the messages abut prescriptions twice a day. So we’re able to manage our work much better. In an environment where most people are working close to their maximum capacity most of the time, that makes a big difference.”

Pamela Doran, Practice Manager, Kenmure Medical Practice


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